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Digital Marketing Guide

The Social Media Carry-On is our guidebook for independent agents ready to take flight with digital marketing.

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Which Social Media Platforms to Consider

Getting Started: Building a Foundation with One Platform

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If you've never used social media before, it's helpful to begin with one platform, learn to use it effectively and build your foundation. Consider starting with Facebook.

Facebook has the most users and the widest ranges in age and other demographics. It's also versatile, with posts that can be photos, videos, links to articles and other websites, or just text.

Overall, a Facebook business page can make for a great social home base that goes hand-in-hand with your agency's website.

Next Steps: Expanding Your Social Channels

If you already have an agency Facebook page and are ready to take on more platforms, consider the following channels. Think about your strengths and interests: Do you like connecting with consumers by posting photos or videos? Do you enjoy sharing articles? Are you hoping to reach more consumers or connect with other professionals in your industry? The answers to these questions will help you determine which platform is a good fit for you.

Instagram icon Instagram: A visually exciting, mobile-focused platform focused on photos and short videos. Instagram can be a great place to connect with consumers who are interested in visually exciting products, like motorcycles, boats, RVs and other recreational products.

Twitter icon Twitter: A fast-moving, informative site where users share thoughts – known as “tweets” – in 280 characters or less. Photos and videos can be shared on this platform too, but it's best suited for industry insights, local news, quick tips and other snackable content.

LinkedIn icon LinkedIn: A space for people seeking employment, connecting with other professionals and businesses, and sharing industry insights. You may not find many consumer outreach opportunities here, but it's a great place to share agency updates, attract new talent and make connections with others in the insurance industry.

Do you want help creating a social media account for your agency? Visit the job aids section to find more information.

Select a topic to see how you can take your social media to the next level.

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