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Post of the Day

Moped Maintenance

If you own a moped, performing regular maintenance on it is important! Here’s a recommended schedule you can follow.


July 1 | Thursday

UV Safety Month

Are you remembering to protect your skin this summer? Check out the Center for Disease Control’s website for information on sun safety.


July 2 | Friday

Hurricanes vs. Typhoons

Do you know the difference between a hurricane and a typhoon? It all depends on which ocean the storm is above. Learn more:


July 3 | Saturday

Fireworks Safety

This holiday weekend, it’s important to remember fireworks safety. If you’re lighting fireworks yourself — always keep water nearby, maintain a safe distance and wear closed-toe shoes!


July 4 | Sunday

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from [INSERT AGENCY NAME]!


July 5 | Monday

Before Buying a Vacant Home

Buying a vacant home can be a great investment — but before you make an offer on one, look out for these red flags.


July 6 | Tuesday

Prepared Camper Checklist

Camping is a fun summer outdoor activity, and if it’s your first time … you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared! Use this checklist while you’re packing:


July 7 | Wednesday

Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Keep your vehicles safe with these helpful tips from the NHTSA:


July 8 | Thursday

Scooter Safety

Scooters are an efficient option to get from point A to B, but it’s important to share the road with other vehicles safely. Remember to use your turn signals, obey speed limits and turn on your lights while driving at night.


July 9 | Friday

Flood Maps

Do you know how to access a flood map? FEMA provides a helpful resource that lets you know if you’re at risk for a flood. Learn more:


July 10 | Saturday

DIY Roof Inspection

Does your home need a new roof? Look for these signs that it’s time for a revamp.


July 11 | Sunday

Vacationing with Your Dog

If you’re planning a vacation and bringing your dog along, it’s important to make sure the hotel, restaurants, parks and other locations allow pets. Here’s how to plan a pet-friendly vacation:


July 12 | Monday

Summer Bucket List

Make the most of your summer by creating a fun bucket list! What activities do you have on your list?


July 13 | Tuesday

Selling an Empty House

Selling a vacant home can be tough, especially if it doesn’t have that “welcome home” vibe. Here are budget-friendly tips to help you stage a house and get some offers in no time!


July 14 | Wednesday

Helping Turtles Cross the Road

If you see a turtle trying to cross the street, consider these tips to safely move it in the same direction it was trying to go. They have a destination in mind, so it’s important to keep them on the same track!


July 15 | Thursday

Does Your Home Need Gutters?

Most houses need some kind of rain guttering system. Learn about the purpose of rain gutters, and if your home needs them!


July 16 | Friday

Wildfire Prevention

Did you know: Nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans! Encourage responsible behavior and always check weather and drought conditions before engaging in any fire-related activity.


July 17 | Saturday

Reasons to Buy a Motor Scooter

Thinking about buying a motor scooter? The savings on gas is one of the biggest benefits! Read this article for more:


July 18 | Sunday

Hurricane Preparedness Day

Are you prepared if a hurricane hits your area? Take this quiz to test your hurricane preparedness knowledge and learn what you should do to keep you and your loved ones safe.


July 19 | Monday

Home Renovations that Impact Insurance

If you’re thinking about a huge home renovation — such as remodeling the bathroom or kitchen — it may impact your home insurance policy. Here are five reno projects that may require additional insurance:


July 20 | Tuesday

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

There are plenty of ways to cool your home this summer that won’t raise your energy bill (like running your AC all day will)! Check them out:


July 21 | Wednesday

The Cost of Flooding

Use this tool to see how much flood damage – even from just a few inches of water – could cost you.


July 22 | Thursday

Bonfire Safety

Nothing screams summer like hanging around a fire pit with friends or family while roasting marshmallows. But, with anything that involves fire, there are risks involved. Follow these safety tips to ensure a fun and safe time:


July 23 | Friday

Vacant Home Insurance Questions

Are you shopping around for an insurance policy for your vacant home? Ask your insurance agent about these details to get the right kind of coverage:


July 24 | Saturday

Moped Maintenance

If you own a moped, performing regular maintenance on it is important! Here’s a recommended schedule you can follow.


July 25 | Sunday

Before Buying an Electric Car

Depending on your lifestyle, an electric car can be a great alternative to a gas car. However, before embracing something new, consider these factors:


July 26 | Monday

Flood Insurance Coverage

If you live in high-risk area for floods, purchasing flood insurance will help you have peace of mind. Here’s what will and what won’t be covered under flood insurance:


July 27 | Tuesday

Pet Fire Safety

When practicing a fire escape plan with your household, you should also include your pet! Here are tips to protect your furry friends from fires:


July 28 | Wednesday

Cryptocurrency: What to Know

You may have heard the term “cryptocurrency” before but not really understand what it is. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods or services. Here are seven things to know about crypto and whether or not it’s a good investment:


July 29 | Thursday

Bug-Proof Your Summer Parties

Too many bugs can ruin a summer party quickly! Try these 10 ideas to bug-proof your yard before a gathering:


July 30 | Friday

Prevent Home Break-Ins

Experts say the most common time for burglaries is between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Secure your home with these seven tips!


July 31 | Saturday

Credit Score vs. Insurance Score

Does your credit score impact your insurance premiums? The answer is “yes.” Here’s how your credit score and your insurance score go hand-in-hand: