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Post of the Day

What to Ask About Boat Insurance

Do you need boat insurance? In some states, liability coverage is required. Learn more about boat insurance and how it works here:


April 1 | Thursday

April Fools' Day

Happy April Fools’ Day! Did you know: Historians aren’t sure where this custom originated? They have theories, but no one knows the correct answer!


April 2 | Friday

Cooking Ham

What’s your favorite way to cook ham? If you’re not sure, here are some tips to get started:


April 3 | Saturday

De-Winterizing Your Boat

If you live in the north, boating season is just around the corner! Before you take your boat out on the water, make sure you de-winterize your engine to ensure smooth sailing.


April 4 | Sunday

Making Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a fun, classic appetizer for any holiday. Here’s a recipe that will leave your taste buds happy and wanting more!


April 5 | Monday

National Window Safety Week

It’s National Window Safety Week. Are your windows secure enough to deter burglars? Review this checklist to be sure:


April 6 | Tuesday

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Work on preventing these eight bad habits while driving.


April 7 | Wednesday

World Health Day

It’s World Health Day! Find out what the theme for 2021 is, and how you can spread awareness:


April 8 | Thursday

Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

As it starts getting warmer outside, you may notice some creepy crawly pests making their way into your home. Keep spiders out with these tips!


April 9 | Friday

The Cost of Flooding

Do you know how much flood damage could cost you? Use this tool to get an estimate and learn more about the importance of flood insurance.


April 10 | Saturday

What to Ask About Boat Insurance

Do you need boat insurance? In some states, liability coverage is required. Learn more about boat insurance and how it works here:


April 11 | Sunday

Alcohol Awareness Month

Do you know the signs of alcoholism? In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month, here are a few ways to spot the warning signs and how to get help for yourself or a loved one.


April 12 | Monday

Spring Pet Safety

As the temperatures warm up, you’ll probably spend more time outside with your pets. From allergies to poisonous plants, keep your pets safe with this helpful guide!


April 13 | Tuesday

When Buying a Boat ...

Are you considering buying a boat? Ask yourself these questions before getting your checkbook out!


April 14 | Wednesday

Prepare for a Possible Flood

Even if your home isn’t located in a “flood zone,” you could still be at risk for a flood. Make sure you’re prepared in the event of a flood – or any natural disaster —with these three simple steps:


April 15 | Thursday

Tax Day (Extended)

You now have until May 17 to file your federal income tax return! If you haven’t filed yours yet, visit to access helpful resources from the IRS.


April 16 | Friday

Boating Safety Supplies

When you’re on your boat, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything. Before you undock, make sure you have life jackets, a whistle and a first aid kit!


April 17 | Saturday

Mobile Home Spring Cleaning

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to inspect and clean the exterior of your mobile home so it stays in tip-top shape for the rest of the year. Kickstart the season by watching this video for some helpful tips!


April 18 | Sunday

DIY Roof Inspection

Does your home need a new roof? Look for these warning signs that will tell you it’s time for a revamp.


April 19 | Monday

Towing a Boat

If you’re new to hauling a boat, remembering these tips will help make towing a stress-free experience!


April 20 | Tuesday

Garage Organization

Looking to clean up some of the clutter in your garage? It can seem a bit overwhelming at first. To help you get started, use this guide for tips on installing shelving and cabinets for better organization.


April 21 | Wednesday

Flood Zones

Do you live in a flood zone? Enter your address here to find out:


April 22 | Thursday

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and the theme for this year is “Restore Our Earth.” Learn more about how you can make an impact in your community!


April 23 | Friday

Tiny Home Trend

Have you heard about the tiny house movement? It’s a lifestyle that encourages minimalism and sustainable living. Read more about the movement:


April 24 | Saturday

Attracting Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are beautiful creatures and are enjoyable to watch. If you’re hoping to attract some to your home, try these fun ideas!


April 25 | Sunday

Routine Home Maintenance

A regular home maintenance routine will save you money and headaches in the long run. Follow this monthly and annual checklist to avoid any disasters that may pop up.


April 26 | Monday

Boat Launching Tips

When you trailer your boat to a lake, there's only one thing between you and the water: a boat ramp! Here are eight tips you should know about launching your boat:


April 27 | Tuesday

Planting Flower Bulbs

Now is a good time to plant any bulbs that pop up in the summer, such as dahlias and gladiolas. Make sure you have these tools before you get started!


April 28 | Wednesday

Year-Round UV Safety

Although summer isn’t here yet, you should always protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Wearing protective clothing or staying in the shade are simple steps you can take. Read on for more tips:


April 29 | Thursday

Painting Your Walls

If you’re getting ready to do a DIY paint job, make sure to prep your walls first! Follow this step-by-step guide to avoid any hiccups:


April 30 | Friday

Prevent Sea Sickness

Getting sea sickness is no fun and can ruin your whole day while you’re on a boat. Here are six methods to cure an upset stomach, fatigue or nausea: