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Social Media Calendar

Crafting social media content isn't always easy. That’s why we create monthly social media calendars to make the process easier and help you plan ahead. You can find articles based on the downloadable calendar, or just copy and share our daily post.

Post of the Day

Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be difficult to navigate, even for the most seasoned drivers. If you have to drive in rain, keep these safety tips in mind:

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September 1 | Friday

National Food Safety Education Month

September is National Food Safety Education Month. Are you working to prevent cross contamination when you prepare food? Here are some tips, just in case:

September 2 | Saturday

How to Make Your Car Smell Good

Who doesn’t love a car that smells good? If you’re looking to boost the mood in your ride and impress your passengers, try these simple hacks!

September 3 | Sunday

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month, and one way to be prepared is by stowing an emergency kit in your car! Be sure to add jumper cables, a flashlight, a multi-tool and the other items to your kit:

September 4 | Monday

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Do you how this holiday started? If not, here’s a quick history lesson:

September 5 | Tuesday

Follow the Speed Limit

According to the NHTSA, for more than two decades, speeding has been involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities. Visit to learn about the dangers of speeding.

September 6 | Wednesday

Car Seat Safety

Car seat safety should be a priority for anyone driving with little ones. Follow these tips to keep your precious passengers safe!

September 7 | Thursday

How to Avoid Hitting a Deer

If a deer is in the road and it sees your vehicle’s headlights, it may freeze right in its tracks. Here are tips to help you avoid hitting them:

September 8 | Friday

Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive driving is key to avoiding accidents, anticipating risks, and protecting yourself and others on the road. Here are some tips you can follow:

September 9 | Saturday

Understand Severe Weather Alerts

Understanding severe weather alerts can save lives and ensure timely safety measures. Do you know what each severe weather alert means? If not, check this out:

September 10 | Sunday

Grandparents Day

Today is Grandparents Day! Grandparents are the heart of the family. Their love, wisdom and stories fill our lives with joy. Here are a few ways you can celebrate them:

September 11 | Monday

Searching for Auto Insurance?

Searching for auto insurance? (ADD AGENCY NAME) can help you out! Give us a call at (ADD AGENCY PHONE NUMBER) or visit us at (ADD AGENCY WEBSITE LINK) for more info.

September 12 | Tuesday

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Making an effort to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage can save you a ton of money throughout the year. Here are a few ways to do that:

September 13 | Wednesday

Delivery Driving Safety Tips

Delivery drivers play a crucial role in society, ensuring goods reach consumers efficiently. However, the job also comes with inherent dangers. If you’re a delivery driver, keep these safety tips in mind:

September 14 | Thursday

DIY Oil Change

Changing your own oil can save money, provide a sense of accomplishment and give you better control over the quality of maintenance for your vehicle. Don’t know how to do it? Follow these steps:

September 15 | Friday

Foremost Virtual Classic Car Show

Today through Sunday, Foremost Insurance is hosting a Virtual Classic Car Show! Be sure to like their Facebook page to see awesome collectible auto content all weekend long:

September 16 | Saturday

Foremost Virtual Classic Car Show

Step back in time and join the Foremost Virtual Classic Car Show!

September 17 | Sunday

Foremost Virtual Classic Car Show

It’s the last day of the Foremost Virtual Classic Car Show. Check out the Foremost Insurance Facebook page for an exciting showcase of automotive history!

September 18 | Monday

Vehicle Maintenance for the Fall

Fall vehicle maintenance is essential to prepare for changing weather conditions and ensure optimal performance. That’s why we recommend following this checklist:

September 19 | Tuesday

Fall Pet Safety

Fall pet safety is crucial to protect our furry friends. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your pets safe and cozy:

September 20 | Wednesday

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day! Have you ever made your own pepperoni pizza? If not, here are some recipes you could try:

September 21 | Thursday

Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain can be difficult to navigate, even for the most seasoned drivers. If you have to drive in rain, keep these safety tips in mind:

September 22 | Friday

How to Change a Tire

Knowing how to change a tire is a skill than can help when the unexpected flat tire happens. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

September 23 | Saturday

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall! That means it’s time to whip up our favorite fall recipes. Looking for something new? Check out these delicious options:

September 24 | Sunday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

It’s game time: The Foremost Virtual Tailgate starts today! Check out their Facebook page September 24-30 for pictures of your favorite outdoor recreational products – ORVs, boats and RVs to name a few.

September 25 | Monday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

Celebrate the love of trailers and all things on wheels at the Foremost Virtual Tailgate!

September 26 | Tuesday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

Don’t miss out on a chance to connect with fellow trailer enthusiasts at the Foremost Virtual Tailgate!

September 27 | Wednesday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

The Foremost Virtual Tailgate is happening now. Don’t miss out! Like the Foremost Insurance Facebook page to see all the content:

September 28 | Thursday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

You never know what you’ll see at the Foremost Virtual Tailgate. Go check it out!

September 29 | Friday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

Hook up your virtual hitch and pull up to the Foremost Virtual Tailgate to see pictures of travel trailers, boats, off-road vehicles and more!

September 30 | Saturday

Foremost Virtual Tailgate

It’s the last day of the Foremost Virtual Tailgate! Visit the Foremost Insurance Facebook page to catch the most recent content.

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