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Social Media Calendar

Crafting social media content isn't always easy. That’s why we create monthly social media calendars to make the process easier and help you plan ahead. You can find articles based on the downloadable calendar, or just copy and share our daily post.

Post of the Day

National Turtle Day

If you want a pet but want something other than a dog or a cat, a turtle might be a great option! Here’s how you’d take care of one:

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May 1 | Wednesday

Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! If you’re looking for tips on how to take care of your mental health, check out these tips:

May 2 | Thursday

National Pet Month

It’s National Pet Month! Dogs and cats aren’t the only types of pets you can have – here’s a list of more:

May 3 | Friday

Fishing From a Boat

Are you new to fishing from a boat? If so, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

May 4 | Saturday

National Fitness Day

It’s National Fitness Day! If you’re a busy person, it can seem overwhelming to find time to do all the things you should do to stay healthy. But it’s actually not as difficult as it seems:

May 5 | Sunday

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Will you be staying in the house tonight? If so, here are some ways you can have your own fiesta!

May 6 | Monday

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week

Did you know dogs can have anxiety? Yep. Dogs are people too. Here are some signs your dog has anxiety, and what you can do about it:

May 7 | Tuesday

Gift Ideas for Mom

Tired of getting your mom gift cards every Mother’s Day? No worries! We found some thoughtful ideas you might like, and she’ll be sure to love:

May 8 | Wednesday

Wildfire Awareness Month

How do wildfires start? If you don’t know the answer, check this out:

May 9 | Thursday

Types of Jet Skis

Thinking about buying a jet ski? If so, that’s awesome! But you’ve probably noticed there’s a large variety to choose from. Here’s a guide that can help you decide which is best for you:

May 10 | Friday

National Clean Your Room Day

Have you ever noticed you sleep better when you have a clean room? And that’s just one benefit. If you need to clean your room and you don’t know where to start, this guide can help:

May 11 | Saturday

Tips on Buying a Boat

Before you buy a boat, you should know exactly which type of boat will fit your needs. And here are a few other things you should consider:

May 12 | Sunday

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Having trouble finding the perfect card for mom? Try making one instead!

May 13 | Monday

Tips on Buying a PWC

Personal watercrafts (PWCs) are a great option for those looking to get out on the water and have an exhilarating time. If you want one but don’t know which kind is best for you, this guide can help:

May 14 | Tuesday

Bond With Your Dog Day

Today is Bond With Your Dog Day! Here are some ways you can deepen the bond between you and your furry friend:

May 15 | Wednesday

How to Use a Life Jacket

When you’re out on a boat, you should always have enough life jackets for everyone on board. And you should also know how to use them. Here’s a guide if you don’t know how:

May 16 | Thursday

Swimming in Oceans, Lakes, and Rivers

Swimming in oceans, lakes and rivers can be fun, but it can also make you sick. If you’ll be swimming in a natural body of water, here are some things to consider:

May 17 | Friday

What to Do if Your Boat Capsizes

Do you know what to do if your boat capsizes? Hopefully that never happens. But if it does, keep these tips in mind:

May 18 | Saturday

National Learn to Swim Day

It’s National Learn to Swim Day! You should always work with a trained instructor when learning how to swim. But if you’re curious, this is how you float in water (never try this alone if you’re inexperienced):

May 19 | Sunday

National Safe Boating Week

The best way to have fun when boating is to do it safely. Here are some boating safety tips you should never forget:

May 20 | Monday

Wildfire Warnings and Alerts

If you live in an area that’s prone to getting wildfires, it’s important that you understand wildfire warnings and alerts. Here’s a guide with more info:

May 21 | Tuesday

World Meditation Day

Meditation can bring many long-lasting positive results to your life – including less stress! If you want to start but don’t know how, check this out:

May 22 | Wednesday

Pre-Departure Boating Checklist

One of the best ways to ensure you have a good time when you’re out boating is to perform a pre-departure check. This checklist will help you make sure you don’t miss anything:

May 23 | Thursday

National Turtle Day

If you want a pet but want something other than a dog or a cat, a turtle might be a great option! Here’s how you’d take care of one:

May 24 | Friday

Jet Skis

Riding a jet ski can be fun, but also dangerous! Whether you’re jet skiing for the first time or the 100th, these tips can keep you safe:

May 25 | Saturday

Benefits of Having a Pet

There are many benefits of owning a pet, including decreased stress! Here’s a list of more benefits you may not have known about:

May 26 | Sunday

The Power of Positive Thinking

Do you know the power of positive thinking? Some experts say it can reduce your risk of certain diseases! Here are some more benefits:

May 27 | Monday

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day! Do you know why we celebrate today? If not, here’s a quick lesson:

May 28 | Tuesday

Managing Stress

It’s easy to be stressed when you’re always busy with work and other responsibilities. That’s why breaks are important. Here are a few other tips for managing stress:

May 29 | Wednesday

Having Pets Around Small Children

There may be nothing cuter than a kid with a pet … but young children are more likely to get sick around pets. Here are some tips for keeping youngsters safe around animals:

May 30 | Thursday

Fun Water Activities

Fun water activities are one of the best parts of summer! And with this list, you’ll never run out of ideas:

May 31 | Friday

National Smile Day

It’s National Smile Day! Did you know that research shows smiling can actually reduce stress? Here are a few more benefits:

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