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Digital Marketing Guide

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Introduction: Social Media Marketing for On-the-Go Independent Agents

Welcome! The Foremost® Marketing Team created this guide specifically for independent agents like you.

We know you're extremely busy and learning social media marketing skills may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. We also know that many agents want to connect with consumers on social media. Based on studies from the Big “I” and Future One1, social media has ranked among the top agent marketing activities for many years now. With all this in mind, our goal is to help make social media marketing easier for you.

Everyone has different comfort levels with social media. No matter your current skills, this guide has something for everyone. You'll find tips for getting started, ideas to help you create engaging content, insights for refining your strategies and more.

Before we take off, think of your agency's brand and how you want to build upon it. Know that – when done well – social media can add value to your agency's brand by:

  • Raising awareness for your agency.
  • Building credibility and a stronger reputation.
  • Creating a space for open conversation.
  • Driving traffic to your website.

Digital marketing can be challenging. It's especially difficult when you're offering something intangible like insurance. Instead of focusing on accumulating thousands of followers or fixating on return on investment (ROI), it's better to reframe social media as an effective tool for brand awareness, community connection and customer service. In the insurance industry, social media marketing is about playing the long game. And we're here to help you do just that!

  1. Agency Universe Study:

Get ready for departure. The ideas in this guide will help you take flight with digital marketing so you can reach new customers, build your brand and boost your business.

Select a topic to see how you can take your social media to the next level.

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