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Arial image of large hurricane over ocean approaching islands (opens in new window)

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

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June 1 marks the first day of hurricane season. Take time before then to prepare your home and household for any severe weather that comes your way. Remember, hurricanes are not just a coastal problem; they can also affect inland areas with rain, water and high winds. Plan ahead and help prepare for a hurricane with this handy checklist.

White home for sale Sign with sold sign on top (opens in new window)

Tips on How to Win a Bidding War

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The time has come. After searching for months on end, you've finally found the home of your dreams! However, you know that if you love the home, it's almost guaranteed that someone else does too, especially in this market. Read on for some suggestions on how to avoid this and put yourself in the best position possible before putting a bid on a home.

Front view of several different colored row homes (opens in new window)

Landlord Friendly States

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You may dream about owning investment properties and becoming a landlord, but the state you live in may not be the best place to own property. This is due to each state having different tenant-landlord laws, taxes and insurance rates. Find out what makes a state landlord friendly in this article!

Family on Boat (opens in new window)

Get Your Boat Ready for Spring

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Springtime is here! The weather is beautiful, the water is inviting, and your boat is looking better now than when you first laid eyes on it. The only thing that would make your marine beauty even better is a gorgeous body of water underneath it. Before you take your watercraft out on the water, complete the actions on this de-winterizing checklist-created for you by Foremost Insurance.

Two large dogs in an open field with white flowers (opens in new window)

Springtime Safety for Pets

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The joy of spring and the fun it brings is here! That means it's time for you to get outside with your furry friends to enjoy the sun. However, your pets may not be as cautious as you are, and if you're not careful, you may find your pet in a potentially dangerous situation. Before you take your pets outside this season, be sure to complete this important safety checklist our team put together

Family on Boat (opens in new window)

Buying a Boat 101

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The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the open water in front of you. Sound appealing?

A bird's-eye view of a boat slicing through open water (opens in new window)

Questions to Ask Before Buying Boat Insurance

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Do you own a boat and are you looking for insurance coverage but don't know where to start? If can seem overwheliming at first, and that's why it can be a good idea to seek advice from an insurance agent.

Arial image of large Wildfire in the mountains (opens in new window)

Wildfire Preparedness: Are You Ready?

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If you live in an area that’s prone to wildfires, it’s important to take steps in and around your home to reduce the risk of damage – aka “hardening” your home. Use this guide to learn how to make your property more resistant to wildfires and increase your home’s likelihood of survival.

A bike tire (opens in new window)

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist for Spring

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As the weather starts warming up for riders who live in the north, there's good news! It's time to take your motorcycle out of storage and get it ready for the open road.

View of the front covered porch of a well maintained mobile with American flag flying (opens in new window)

Replacing Mobile Home Windows

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If the frame on one of your mobile home windows are warped or severely weather damaged, it’s time for it to be replaced.

A light bulb in the woods (opens in new window)

Conserve Energy in Your Mobile Home

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If your home was built before 1976, chances are it’s not exactly energy efficient. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a more energy-efficient mobile home now!

A close up of emergency lights and flares sitting on motorcycle (opens in new window)

Motorcycle Gear for the Long Haul

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Getting ready to ride? Your motorcycle apparel and what you pack in your saddlebags may differ depending on the length of your trip. If you're gearing up for the long haul, remember to pack these items!

A joyful family surrounding the outside grill (opens in new window)

Grilling Safety Tips

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Keep these safety tips in mind before firing up your grill!

A mobile home (opens in new window)

How to replace mobile home skirting

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Problems with manufactured home skirting are common, but thankfully, replacing it is easier than you might think.

Kitchen Stove (opens in new window)

Revamp Your Kitchen

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Foremost has done some research for you and put together a list of ideas you can use to give your kitchen a more updated look!

Family in a pool (opens in new window)

Pool Safety Tips

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Make sure you and everyone else in and around the pool are safe with these tips!

A motorhome traversing a scenic dessert landscape (opens in new window)

Options for Towing a Vehicle Behind Your RV

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When traveling in an RV, you may find it helpful to have a vehicle available. Learn different options for towing and tips on how to do so safely.

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