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Shareable Images

Improve your content marketing mix with dynamic imagery and helpful safety tips! These shareable images are free and useful for posting on Instagram, X and Facebook.

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When you select Instagram, the images are 1080 X 1080 px, which is an ideal square size for the platform. For Facebook, X and LinkedIn®, we have provided a different image size: 1200 X 675 px.

Download the images to your computer and upload them on your social media page. Copy the suggested text and paste it when crafting your post. Publish the post and you’re all set!

Remember: Instagram is optimized for mobile devices so you can only create posts on your smart phone. If you're viewing this page on your phone, download the images to your Photos app. If you’re using a desktop computer, download the photos and save them somewhere you can access with your phone, like Dropbox™ or Google Drive™.

Image sizes vary by platform. Select a social platform to download the correct image size, then copy the post text and upload to your social media pages.

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