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Churning out original content is sometimes tedious, but we’re here to help! Use our ready-to-go content to keep your page active and reach consumers. Just select a category, choose a post and platform, copy and share — it's that simple!

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Tips for First-Time Landlords

Did you recently purchase your first rental property? Here are some tips to help you avoid some common mistakes made by first-time landlords!

Landlords: Do you treat your investment property the same way as your personal home? Here are eight ways to upgrade your rental property without breaking the bank.

Landlords: Looking to spruce up your listing? Here are some writing tips that will help you create an appealing property description and get your vacancies filled up fast.

If you own multiple properties, use these seven property management tips to help you stay organized and keep your tenants happy.

If you’re looking for property investments in other states, there are many factors to consider before purchasing – including tenant laws. Some state rental laws lean heavily toward the tenant, depending on the state. Learn more about the top five tenant-friendly states:

If you’re a landlord, keeping records of rental income, lease agreements and tenant applications is crucial! It could save you from facing fines if you ever get audited or taken to court by one of your tenants.

Investing in rental property can be a great opportunity, but it often requires hard work. Important steps are researching the properties to buy, getting a property loan and finding tenants. Use this guide to learn how to become a successful landlord!

Attention landlords: Have you considered getting landlord insurance? Learn the importance of having this type of coverage, and what it could mean for you in the long run.

Renters insurance can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never rented before. Here’s why renters insurance is important, what it can cover and where you can purchase a policy:

Are you responsible for snow removal or is your landlord? Find out before signing your lease. Otherwise, the responsibility may fall on you. Read on:

Apartment living? Experts found that renters are burglarized almost twice as often as homeowners. Don’t become a statistic — find out what renter-friendly security measures you can implement in your home:


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