Why Your Agency should be on Social Media

Why your agency should be on Facebook

Build Customer Relationships and Advertise Your Business for Free! Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world. Musicians, restaurants, celebrities and millions of business owners around the world use the platform to promote their brand. Why? Because Facebook is a great tool for building customer relationships.

With over one billion active monthly users worldwide, there's a good chance your customers are using Facebook. Think about how many customers you have. How long would it take to reach out to each of them by phone? With Facebook, you can reach them all — even potential customers — by posting status updates to generate conversation. Plus, Facebook has many different tools such as Events, Ads, Offers, and Polls, to make creating content and connecting with your customers fun, simple and easy.

Why your agency should be on Twitter

Give Event Updates and Advertise to Your Followers Quickly! Short on words? That's okay! In fact, it's even better. Twitter is a great platform for dishing out the best information in a quick way. In 140 characters or less, you can deliver useful content to your customers. The most interesting, entertaining and helpful content gets re-tweeted by your agency's followers. Nowadays, most Americans consume news in small, memorable pieces. Having an agency presence on this platform is perfect for the customer on-the-go (Twitter users are typically between the ages of 20-30 or 50-60) who get their daily updates through Twitter. Twitter is a great place for you to post messages about severe weather coming up, claim related information, and quick safety tips for all your customers.

Why your agency should blog

Provide Safety, Product Information to Your Customers to Show You Are Experts! Think of a blog as a newspaper, but in an online form. One of the most important reasons your agency should have a company blog is to get more customers. A study by Ignite showed that 61% of consumers say they've made a purchase after reading a blog post and businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those without a blog. Plus, many customers appreciate helpful information that's pertinent to the products you can offer them.

Why your agency should be on LinkedIn

77% of LinkedIn Members Do Product or Service-Related Research on the Site! Does your agency specialize in business insurance? If so, consider creating a Company Page on LinkedIn. This platform is not only popular for job seekers, but also for business people looking to make professional connections. Think: business owners! There's greater opportunity to connect with small business owners (who might need coverage) on this platform than on any other social media site.

Even if you don't specialize in business insurance, it's a good idea to be on LinkedIn anyway since 77% of LinkedIn members do product or service-related research on the site, according to a recent study.

Website tips to boost SEO

The homepage on your agency's website should leave a positive and lasting impression on your potential and current customers. Entreprenuer.com recommends that businesses have these five basic things on their homepage to boost SEO (search engine optimization) and to give your audience a customer-friendly experience.

  1. Contact information: Is this information up-to-date and easily located on your homepage? Be sure to include an email address, full street address and phone number so your customers can quickly get ahold of you.
  2. Photos that represent what you do: Family photos or clip-art graphics aren't relevant and don't tell your agency's story. For example, if you specialize in auto, consider displaying images cars.
  3. Clear navigation with working links: Your agency's homepage should include a clear navigation system across the top of the site or down one side of the page. Tabs with information like "About Us" or "Products" should be easy to find.
  4. Email signup box: Boost customer loyalty with an agency newsletter and promote it via your homepage. A signup box shows your current and potential customers that you're committed to deliver engaging and useful information.
  5. Visible social media buttons that take users straight to your pages foster interaction and strengthens brand awareness.

If your agency doesn't have a website yet, we recommend checking out the following links to create a free site. Please note, Foremost does not sponsor these resources.

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Why your agency should be on social media

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