Traditional Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

With the power of social media, you can promote your business faster with a further reach and with more efficiency than ever. In the social world — as opposed to traditional TV, print or radio — the playing field is even, which means no matter how big or small a business, it has the same opportunity to garner attention and audience engagement on the Web. Here are four key benefits to social media marketing:

Higher value

Setting up social media accounts doesn't cost a penny. In fact, with social media marketing, businesses get more bang for their buck (and the buck is typically invested time to create content). People have the ability to post or publish content to their channels at any time of day. For example, with YouTube, uploading video is free and your viewers can watch it over and over again at any time of day. But with television, you'd have to pay for airtime and fork over extra money if you'd like your video to be played multiple times a day or at peak viewing hours! The same concept applies with posting content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Having a social media presence for your agency is like having your own 24/7, easy-to-access news network.

Ability to measure results

Think about the last time you mailed out a postcard to your customers. Did any of them call you to talk about it? Are you certain it didn't just go in the recycling bin? With social media marketing, each post, update and upload is measured. This means, with analytics you can track how many people clicked, viewed or even shared your content online. This is a useful way to see what content is resonating with your audience.

Opportunity for personalized interactions

There's a column in most newspapers called "Letters to the Editor." These are messages from readers who respond to an article or want their opinion to be heard. With social media, your customers can post opinions or questions to you in real time! Blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets and other channels have the ability to generate comments from audience members within minutes. And you can respond, interact and begin conversing with your customers right away.

In the social world — as opposed to traditional TV, print or radio — the playing field is even, which means no matter how big or small a business, it has the same opportunity to garner attention and audience engagement on the Web.

Flexibility with campaigns

Typically when you purchase TV air time or ad space in a printed publication, the campaign doesn't have a chance to get revised without incurring huge expenses. With social media marketing, you have the flexibility to edit your digital campaigns within a moment's notice. For instance with Facebook ads, you can edit, delete, change photos/videos, and even adjust the length of your campaign with just a few clicks.

Does that mean your agency should ditch traditional marketing? Absolutely not! In fact, consider promoting your social media accounts via traditional media. For example, in your next postcard mailing to your customers, include a screenshot of your agency's Facebook page or blog and a URL to your sites.

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