How to Blog for an Agency

Rate increases, policies, plans… Industry jargon isn't fun to talk about, but people and life are! Use Foremost's four tips and 10 topics to focus on while writing for your agency's blog.

1) Make it relevant

Research and awareness goes a long way. When you write with your audience in mind, it's easier to think of information they'd like to read. Flash flooding happening in your area? Talk about how it impacts homes, vehicles or businesses. Summer coming up? Write about keeping kids out of hot cars. Keep tabs on current trends, hot topics and happenings in your city to make your topics relatable to your readers. Use our Foremost blog to help jumpstart your ideas or share our content on your own pages!

2) Find a theme

Hard-selling your policies doesn't typically gain too much interest. Consider finding a theme to write about (home do-it-yourself tips) and provide information customers can use. When you provide hacks, safety info and DIY tips, your blog will become a valuable resource for your customers.

3) Be conversational

Readers love to connect with stories that are written in a light, informal way. When bloggers eliminate formalities, the content becomes more inviting to read. Write as if you're talking to a friend.

4) Cite your source

Your agency is filled with subject matter experts, and they all have great stories to tell! But you will want to make sure the majority of your blog posts cite one or more reputable source. If you'd like to reference home winterizing tips from, cite that company by placing their link in your post and then incorporate your own style, experience and language in your blog.

1) Holiday safety

Every month has a holiday, as well as a "national" themed week (ex. February is National Burn Awareness Week). Throw in some blog posts on how to keep safe during Fourth of July or promote sober driving the week before New Year's Eve.

2) Financial tips

Provide information on saving for college, a graduation party, buying a car or family planning.

"Insurance isn't interesting" is an outdated argument! When you make your topics about people and life, it becomes blogworthy.

3) Home and gardening hacks

Readers love learning about ways to spruce up their home or take care of their lawn. From weeding to fixing a leaky roof, there are many ideas readers enjoy learning about.

4) Auto care

Maintenance for all seasons, purchasing a car, do's and don'ts when you get into an accident, how to fix a flat tire, etc.

5) Motorhome

Do your customers love RVing? Create a list of best places to go in the summer. Consider publishing a write-up on how to tow or choose the appropriate hitch.

6) Motorcycle

From bike rallies to safety tips, chances are your bike customers love tips! Blog about safety tips for their tires, the best bike rallies to attend, or suggestions for safe helmets.

7) General safety

Tips on how to prevent slipping on ice, a guide on school bus safety for children, preventative tips on getting your vehicle broken into.

8) Home Decorating

Tell your readers about the latest trends, DIY (do-it-yourself) tips or how to be a super saver when buying home décor.

9) Kids!

Create a list of fun activities for kids and parents to do while on summer break. Or, research and share your tips on how to childproof your home.

10) Driving safety

Whether your agency sells auto insurance or not, chances are they're riding or driving a vehicle! Share some tips on how to prevent distracted driving, or provide a list of do's and don'ts for driving in poor weather conditions.

Here are some of our most-used websites we like to use as resources!

Foremost does not in any way endorse the above sites as resources.

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