Bair Necessities

Bair Necessities is a video series that delivers industry sales tips, marketing strategies, and other valuable information to help you boost your business. Check back often for valuable information to help your agency become even more successful!

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Season 2

Six tips for getting more referrals.

Getting More Referrals

Does asking for referrals sometimes feel… awkward? Here are a few ideas that — with practice — will make asking for referrals more comfortable AND effective.

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Ask Jeff – Episode 1

What’s one way to build stronger customer relationships? How should you start social media marketing? What’s Foremost Education? Jeff answers these questions and more!

Mastering the Art of Cross-Sell

Initiating cross-sell questions with your customers can seem intimidating, but a little practice goes a long way! Here are seven tips for mastering the art of cross-sell.

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Welcome to Bair Necessities

Ready to become an insurance pro? Tune in to learn industry sales tips, marketing strategies, and other valuable information to help boost your business.

Season 1

Mobile Home

Need a new, fresh way to boost business? Consider writing Manufactured Home with Foremost! We spell out the past, present and future of our product in this quick, fun video.

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Back to School!

Kids are going back to school, but if you're an insurance professional, you may want to hit the books too!

Auto Text Alerts

Learn about our new technology for your Foremost Auto customers who are on-the-go! Plus, see how Text Alerts helps your agency in three revenue-boosting ways.

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Put the Hitch in Your Pitch

Ready to get your independent agency on the fast track to cross-selling? Learn how to put the Hitch in Your Pitch with this fun, short and informative video. Plus, discover three awesome benefits to using this simple phrase.

Taxes and Toys

Learn how to get your agency prepared to write more toys.

Sales and B-ball

It's college basketball season and we're not only talking hoops, but we're also talking sales.

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Retention and Referrals Tips

These simple equations will help solve revenue problems in your agency!

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Cross-selling by the Numbers

Learn why your agency's success depends on this savvy technique.

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